More commonly called Francisco or Frits, discover his testimony when he meets Jesus.

Here is in a few words, to the extent that the Spirit allows me and all my soul, I call myself Van Santen Franciscus , I am Christian, recognized as a pastor before God, and servant of Christ therefore servant of his sheep according to his recommendation!

The Lord our God uses me to bring the good news wherever the Spirit leads me!

Through me, He opens his eyes to them at last that his sheep recognize him, and he opens his mind to them at last that they understand the holy scriptures.

Thousands of people have experienced: goodness, love, grace, power, speech, light, truth, omnipresence, God's righteousness and many other virtues…, manifested in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for our peace in our present life and in the future!

The Spirit of God, use my body, my mouth to proclaim its mysteries, while everything is realized by him alone! So I have no trouble proving it, because his word is a real legacy that he gave us!

Thus I proclaim the mysteries of God to those who truly seek him, and his answer thus becomes the imprint of his person on the word that is announced to you, concerning the word of life! As for my call, he has a video put on the site entitled "The testimony of Pastor Frits" But my true defense is the testimony that will come from God alone, in the name of Jesus Christ I preach the only name through which the Power of God is manifested! – And what I am by his grace, is also what you can be by his grace!

I say that each person examines the choice of his way, that each church examines the choice of its way, and that all the governments of this land that is ours examine their ways! Because our well-being will depend on everyone's choices, and this at all levels!

I refuse debates that bring nothing into life, but it is between "a creature and its creator"