The second of the three annual solemnities (Passover, Weeks, Tabernacles), in which every man of Israel was to appear before the shrine. It was the first harvest holiday. #Ex 34.22, 23; 2Ch 8.12, 13 (cf. 1 R. 9.25) Called feast of weeks, because its date was set at 7 weeks after the offering of the wreath of the beginnings of barley, symbol of the consecration of the harvest. #Le 23.15, 16 (see Dt. 16.9, 10) The wreath was swayed the day after a Sabbath. #Le 23.11 V. Shake. The most accredited opinion is on the first day of the Feast of Unsealed Bread. The LXXs meant it #Le 23.7, 11 as well as the organizers of the services of the Second Temple (Ant. 3.10.5). The feast of the weeks also took the name of Pentecost, because it was celebrated on the 50th day after the sheaf swayed (in gr. Pentecost sign. 50th). "Ac 2.1 The solemnity of Pentecost was also called harvest day, or day of the beginnings, for the wheat harvest ended almost everywhere in Palestine at that time, and the offering of 2 new wheat loaves was made #Ex 23.16; 34.22; Nu 28.26 On this day all work was suspended: there was a solemn summons #Le 23.21; Nude 28.26; L 23.17, 20 (see Dt. 16.10). In addition to the two symbolic loaves, a holocaust of 10 animals was offered; 1 goat was also immolated as a sacrifice of atonement and 2 lambs as a sacrifice of thanksgiving. #Le 23.18, 19 In Palestine the feast lasted only one day, but Jews living outside that country celebrated it 2 days in a row. During Pentecost, as during the other feasts, the Israelites had to make gifts to the poor. #De 16.11,12 – In a late period, the rabbis alleged a report, including the A.T. does not speak, between the date of the enactment of the Sinai Act and that of the feast of Pentecost. But it cannot be proven that the Mosaic Law was given exactly 50 days after the exit from Egypt. On the contrary, it would have been given at the 3rd month, which means. 60 days after the exit from Egypt. -The most decisive Pentecost was the one that took place after the resurrection and ascension of Christ. At the 3rd hour (around 9 a.m. in the morning), the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles and about 120 disciples #Ac 2.15-21 Thus the Church was founded. The St. Spirit was granted regardless of age, sex, or social condition to all those gathered in the upper chamber (2.1-4, 14-21); V. Language (s). Previously, the Spirit had been powerfully granted to prophets and some believers, but the 1st Christian Pentecost marked the beginning of the dispensation of the Spirit. From then on baptism, gifts and the fullness of the Spirit are offered to every witness of Christ #Ac 1.8; 2.38-39; 1Co 12.4-6; Eph 5.18 without the observance of particular rites. God had aroused the people of Israel, to whom he had revealed himself in a special way. Now, in this new dispensation, the Lord acts through the Church, whom His Spirit strengthens, increases and builds on the whole earth #Ac 2.39; Eph 1.22, 23 V. Holy spirit. -It is remarkable that the Mosaic Law itself has located this feast so important after a Sabbath (the 50th day indeed came after 7 Sabbaths). Like the resurrection of Christ, the outpouring of the Spirit and the creation of the Church took place on the first day of the week. V. Sabbath. After the manifestations of the Holy Spirit by signs, and miraculous miracle wonders as Jesus Christ had ordered to his disciples many believers eventually accepted the crucial point that was the resurrection of Christ, all times over the centuries This mystery was long the object of debate among Pharisee believers, also called in the latter time theologians who eventually tried to alleviate the mystery by explanations of the wisdoms and philosophies of men. This is what causes the action of the Holy Spirit to cool down. The Apostle Paul speaks of it in the book of "Galate in the chapter in verse e 3 v 1 O Galatians, meaningless! who fascinated you, in the eyes of whom Jesus Christ was painted as crucified? Here is only what I want to learn from you: Is it by the works of the law that you have received the Spirit, or by the preaching of faith? Are you so meaningless? After starting with the Spirit, do you now want to end up in the flesh? Have you suffered so much in vain? if, however, it is in vain. Does he who grants you the Spirit, and who performs miracles among you, do so by the works of the law, or by the preaching of faith? Or in the book of "Colossians 2:8 Beware that no one makes you prey by philosophy and vain deception, relying on the tradition of men, on the rudiments of the world, and not on Christ.The day of Pentecost has just taken its true meaning in the works of the Holy Spirit which has the mission to produce wonders at the NAME of JESUS-CHRIST, finally to confirm the Messianic mission of Messiah, the Anointed of God for the salvation of humanity. Not only that he draws believers to the Word of the gospel, as the scriptures show: (John 16:8 And when he comes, he will convince the world with regard to sin, justice, and judgment:) Today, it is clear that God has not changed, Here in our era the Pentecostalism revised on the day on the RUE AZUSA in the United States around the year 1906 in Los Angel. According to statistics today more than 700 million in the world! the SAINT ESPRIT is the master of the harvest, that is, it is up to him to attract the believers chosen by God to Jesus Christ! (Matthew 9:38 Therefore pray to the master of the harvest to send workers into his harvest. – Luke 10:2 He said to them: The harvest is great, but there are few workers. So pray to the master of the harvest to send workers into his harvest.) For at this very moment we are on the Time of the Holy Spirit, otherwise we do not belong to God! See (Ro. 8:9 For you, you do not live according to the flesh, but according to the spirit, if at least the Spirit of God dwells in you. If someone does not have the Spirit of Christ, it does not belong to him.) The servants therefore have the task of keeping the word as it is and not adding or entrenching it, nor modifying it! Their preaching is thus inspired by the Spirit of God! All those who are led by the Holy Spirit are called "Son of God" Roman 8:14 for all who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God.