Jesus Maranatha

Faith is a Gift of God

Hello, is there anyone who cares to know the truth about our life on earth?

Many mysteries lurk before our birth, and also during our life on earth which in reality is a stay of a few years of life! Then comes the sleep that the world calls death!

Whoever you are, if we were created, our right would of course be to know our creator.
Several different doctrines speak to us of God, of paradise, of God’s love for men. Yet all these teachings divide us rather than unite us by bringing us peace.
It is as if the various preachers were teaching hatred and division instead of love for our neighbour.
Indeed, even more, Christians are divided among themselves, Muslims, Buddhists are divided among themselves as well as many other religions.
Can we answer that question?.
Since there is only one Creator God, one truth, why should there not be one belief and one church on earth?.
Does God see all this?.Why would he not intervene himself to show us the right path which is that of truth?. To end conflicts and religious wars.
That’s exactly what God did!
God visited us, and we crucified him on the cross. This man called Jesus Christ was the embodiment of God invisible in a visible body.
The death of Jesus on the cross was not an accident, to say that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But his death was part of his mission and purpose.To die in our place.
The death and resurrection of Jesus is intended to show us a new path to reconciliation between man and God and between man and his neighbour.

It is no longer a religion, but the relationship with Jesus that we need to reach God.



When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, who like to pray standing in synagogues and on street corners, to be seen by men. I’m telling you the truth, they’re getting their reward. 6 But when you pray, enter your room, close your door, and pray to your Father who is there in the secret place; and your Father, who sees in secrecy, will give it back to you.

Matthieu 6:4-5

For it is by grace that you are saved, by the means of faith. And it doesn’t come from you, it’s God’s gift.

Ephésiens, 2:8

After these words, he said to them: Lazarus, our friend, sleeps; But I’m going to wake him up.

Jean, 11 : 11

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